Excel Export from all logical disk spaces.


I’m struggling on the compare function for Logical Disks.

It’s only possible to compare it with same drive letters on other servers.

Anyone knows how to compare it with other drive letters on the same server?

Or if you can use the Excel export function on this:

kind regards


Just to check. You want to compare free disk space with other disks on the same server. Not compare D: on one server with D: and E: on other servers?

You could create an perspective that shows Logical disk free space for all disks on that particular machine.

I want to compare all the disks on the same servers C:, D:, E:, … and export this into an Excel-sheet. For a weird reason I can’t compare a C: vs a D: disk (on the drill down function) on either the same or an other server. I could be doing something wrong.

And I could indeed use a perspective, but is there a way to export all this data in to an Excel sheet?

It does not seem to be possble to export that to Excel. Bummer… Maybe you could send in an feature request to Squaredup.

Yeah probably going to do that. Thanks for the help anyway!

I believe a bug has now been logged for this item :slight_smile: