Expanding the total column widths in task output

I have written a simple task to get events from the application log of the server but when i run it the columns are squashed into less than half of the screen width (as below)

Is there a way to get the results to use more page / screen width so everything in the event message isn’t squashed into a very narrow wrapped column?

I have seen an article using pscustomobject but I dont think that applies here as adding a column to the output just uses the same space and makes the columns narrower.



Hi, is this a Powershell script task?

If yes, you can simply add in | ft -autosize to the end of the script and see if that helps.

I dont think this is possible in the product.

Please drop a feature request to SquaredUp that you want the ability to resize columns

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Definitely keen to see this too … looks a bit yucky with a result parsed over multiple lines un-necessarily!

Hi, Yes it is a Powershell task but I already tried ft -autosize and -Wrap and they have no effect. It seems that there may be a limit on the total width in SquaredUp. I have used format-list as a workaround but really want it in columns. Thanks, Ian.

Thanks Peter. I’ll do that.
Edit - I have now submitted a requests as suggested. Thanks.