Export Alerts using SqauredUp

Hi Everyone,

I am using SquaredUp Map Dashboard to configure the status of each country which has a set of servers added in each country group in SCOM. Is it possible to extract the alert data for each country from squaredup?


Daya Ram

Actually I have around 40 countries on the MAP and it is very difficult for me to create alert dashboard for each country. I want some sort of export mechanism that can give the list alerts coming from servers in each country that can be shared with the respective country team.

Hi Daya

There are a few ways you could do this depending on what you want to do…

From what I understand you have grouped servers into 40 country groups and then you are visualising the top-level health of those groups on a Squared Up dashboard (perhaps the image or Visio tile?).

Using perspectives (customisable drilldown dashboards) you can design exactly what you will see when you drilldown into one of those 40 server groups.

For example you can create a perspective which shows all open alerts related to members of that group along with key metrics like CPU, Memory, Disk space. Best of all you only need to build this dashboard once and simply apply it to the members of the class “group” and it will appear for all groups. See this video for more details: https://youtu.be/46SAevmaGtk

If you wanted to have multiple alert tiles on a single top-level dashboards showing, for example all critical alerts from multiple countries, then you could just scope each of those tiles to the group object (using scope -> group -> group name).

If you have an alert property which indicates which country an alert relates to you could also use the advanced criteria to filter alerts i.e. show only alerts for X, Y, Z countries: https://support.squaredup.com/v3/Reference/AlertCriteria


As far as the alert perspective is concerned I already have that for each country. But I want to export those alerts to an excel. Can that be done?

Daya Ram

No, you cannot export alerts to excel.

However if your aim is to share a list of relevant alerts with your team members in different countries why not use the Open Access feature to share the relevant alert drilldown page with each team?