File pattern match alert

We are having an issue were a program our security team is running causes files to rapidly accumulate in the folder C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\ScanFile and they all start with FS_ I need to find a way to alert when these files start to accumulate so we can know that this is going on and get the tool stopped. It has already almost ran a few servers out of space and we would like to know about his symptom quicker than getting the disk space alert.

PowerShell MP

And a simple PS script monitor should do it :slight_smile:

Or perhaps this MP:

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good idea if the code for the one used in the demo of the MP was out on git hub it does exactly what I need. It would just need me to tweek what file location to monitor.

I had not seen this one before - Thanks Jannep!

Are you not running the Community Catalog? :wink:

From what I read I think it will only monitor file shares and in this case its is not a shared folder but a local disk path I need to monitor on all my servers.