Find all monitors /rules with certain severity from a certain target

I have a task where I am supposed to find all critical/medium monitors from a specific target, and change these to another severity. Problem with this is that the customer is billed from the different severities, there are alot of other severities set up on this specific target - So I only want to change the ones with critical/medium.

Is there a way to filter out these? Or do I really have to search these out, one by one?

This PS will do it:

$Monitors = Get-SCOMMonitor | where { $.AlertSettings -ne $null -and $.AlertSettings.AlertSeverity -match “Error”}


Sounds like you might need Easy Tune:

Free MP that lets you tune monitoring via a spreadsheet (rules/monitors/discoveries).

You are able to export the contents of an MP, filter on the severity overridable property, and amend within the spreadsheet. You can also create different levels for your requirements. For your requirements, you would create a “billable” level with the severity at the Critical level, and apply this to a group of objects.

How would i scope this down to a path/instance/target ?

This will give you the defaults, rather than for a specific object. You would need to use the get-scomoverride cmdlet for information on specific objects: