FIt Dashboard to screen

Hi all,

I know how to full screen a dashboard ( however I was wondering if there is a way to fit a dashboard to the screen. I see lots of dashboards on TV screens where the bottom is cut off?

Regards, Leigh.


This issue often occurs when the screen ratio of the TV / Wall display screen is different to the monitor used when the dashboard was built.

One simple trick to address this issue is to use the dashboard sections to add a little false ‘padding’ to the side of the dashboard so that the ‘body’ of the dashboard is at the correct ratio for the display screen


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That makes sense as I create most dashboards remotely.

Will that trick work if the bottom is being cut off? Can I add horizontal splits?

Regards, Leigh.

The way i normally do this, is by testing the dashboard, by running it in full screen, with the same aspect ratio, and resolution as the wall mounted monitor.

Is there a place we can suggest features as a fit to screen button would be top of the list for me ATM.

Also I just noticed that this doco has the embed\fullscreen append URI the wrong way around:

You can’t add horizontal splits but you can manually edit your splits and the layout of your dashboard via the XML for further accuracy and to fit more onto your page for the ratio of your screen.