Folder location override

While doing some custom monitoring, I am looking into moving a few folders from one location (Microsoft.SystemCenter.Monitoring.ViewFolder.Root) and under a new location. Hiccup is that the original folders are in other sealed MPs. I would assume overrides would be in order. The “old” MP dev kit on MSDN ( doesn’t seem to show any overrides possible for folders.


Hi Pascal,

Just to make sure I understand the question. Are you looking to move the folders in the monitoring tab of the console?

So for example take the ‘Microsoft Windows Server’ folder and put that underneath a folder of your own?


I don’t know this for certain and haven’t played with this myself (so happy to be corrected), but my understanding of this is that they would be hard coded into the MP so I’m not aware of any way of removing/moving them.

You may be able to reference the original MP and then directly use them in your own management pack, but it’s not something I’ve tried and would in essence be copying rather than moving.

Again it’s not something I’ve tried personally (I’ve only ever created my own views) so I will happily defer to any community experience.

Yes, you are spot on!

Basically, I now have 4 MPs that monitor certificates (Windows from community, F5 from HYCU, a Unix one I created and posted on Technet, and an ADCS one I am working on). So potentially, a single certificate can appear one or more times and generate one or more alerts depending on the configuration of that MP (and overrides). To counter this, I have created another MP which looks at the SCOM DB to discover and consolidate certificates from all 4 sources.

So my basic idea is to also move the folders from the source MPs which show the certificates from that MP under a single folder (of my consolidated MP) which would make it nicer in the SCOM console.

Thanks! Yeah, thought so too. I have once created a view under a folder from another MP (for the Unix certs). Anyhow, no biggie. Tkx again for trying :smiley: