Get SCOM ID of Group? (visio)


Below is an existing Visio dashboard linked to SCOM objects however I would like to embed this in SquaredUp. Each of the below boxes link to a group on SCOM with server objects inside.

How do I get the SCOM ID’s of these groups as when I export to Excel it only displays the individual objects.

Any advice would be great.


Hi Chris,

what I do is start typing the group name in the “quick find” box in squared up (top right)

When it finds the group, click on it. The group will display, with status and members.

The group id is at the end of the address field, after the “objected=”

You can copy and paste the id into the object data in visio.

I can send screen grabs if you wish.




Whilst what you have stated is correct Ervia, there's actually an easier method. Where Chris is trying to export the group ID and not the contents, he's specifying the group via the group scope in a status tile. If you add the groups into the list scope individually, this will give you the IDs for the groups themselves.

Example - Chris is doing this which exports the objects contained in the group:


When in fact, he should be doing this:


One slight caveat is that if this Visio has the old school (SCOM 2007) Visio export data attached, this will need to be removed first. I had a few old school Visio’s and Squared Up wasn’t able to use the svg with the 2007 object data attached. Once it was removed, everything worked okay :slight_smile:

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Great, thanks Jelly and also to Eriva for getting solutions started… :slight_smile:

S’all good :slight_smile:
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