Getting cost of one resource from Azure

I’d like to show the cost of just one resource from Azure, an App Service Plan that runs a few of my function apps. I can get a cost datastream when I pick the resource group it’s in, but not when my scope is just the ASP. Am I doing something wrong?

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Hi @TheMoaningLisa,

You can do this using the + Cost configurable data stream.

  1. Create a new tile.

  2. Scope to the resource group or subscription containing the resource you want

  3. Select the + Cost datastream, and choose Group ByResourceId. You can optionally filter by a type if you want, as well as set the granularity.

  4. On the newly added stream, select Configure and then filter by the ‘Group By’ column to the ID of the Azure resource. For example:


The great thing is that this datastream will now be available whenever you scope to a resource group so you can re-use it as well! :tada: