Getting SCOM to collect perf information from text logs

One of our apps writes summary counters every day to a rolling text log. The app team want to be able to report on this via SCOM and put it on our dashboards - is this possible?


You can use a powershell script to collect the information from the log as a performance metric. There are a few tutorials out there on how to do this.

There are also templates offered to add this as a wizard in the console. Even though I still suggest doing it with VSAE, as you can tailor the collection better.

We are starting to do the same thing using the new Powershell Community Pack, but pulling data from WMI and SNMP, instead of text file. The concept is the same as text file.

Here’s a really quick basic example (untested, but should work) on how to pull data from a csv file and then put it into SCOM.

Let me know if this is useful.

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On that note, the free PowerShell Monitoring MP may be helpful -

Ah, did not know about that one. I almost linked other sources, but forget the community rules on that.

Which community rules prohibit this? I’ve taken a look at the guide ( but don’t see anything about it? This is a platform to share items from the web to help other users - Unless it’s incorrect or contains anything slanderous, I don’t see this being an issue.

I didn’t say it was. I said I couldn’t remember. Comprehension.

Thank you for finding that it is not.