Giving Terraform a Try

I recently crafted a demo for a presentation on enhancing our monitoring capabilities with SquaredUp and Terraform, specifically focusing on extending existing data sources. This project aimed to dynamically create dashboards for AWS Lambda functions, which can be a game-changer for efficiently monitoring cloud resources.

The demo walks through leveraging an existing AWS data source in SquaredUp by using a JSON list to define important Lambda functions. Each function specified in the list is then automatically outfitted with its own dashboard within a new workspace—streamlining both setup and scalability.

To achieve this, we start by preparing a JSON file that lists the targeted Lambda functions. Next, Terraform scripts interact with this file to generate corresponding dashboards, utilizing the data pulled from AWS. The process showcases the power of automation in infrastructure management, making it a robust example for anyone looking to integrate more sophisticated monitoring into their environments.

For more detailed steps and to see the code in action, check out the Extending an Existing Data Source section in our GitHub repository!