Global Service Monitor question

Hey guys,

I want to set up Global Service Monitor at one of our customers.

Previously, I was able to register at However, this website does not seem to exist anymore.

You guys have any idea where I register for GSM today?



Hi Jasper,

This seems to be the most comprehensive guide:

Looks like you do it through the SCOM console (good luck!). Under the sign up section:

3. On the Global Service Monitor landing page, click Start Subscription.

Having not used GSM, I haven't tested this though.



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Mister Jelly,

I think you are right, I was just trying to figure out stuff before I imported it. All the guides were pointing to that website that was not available anymore, which confused me.

Thank you for your assistance :wink:


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No worries JaspaVD :slight_smile:

Let us know how it goes. I have never ben able to sign up :slight_smile:

Hey jaspervd - this answer should really be a comment on jelly’s answer below :slight_smile: And good luck with GSM - would be interested to hear how you get on.

Hey RB, right, still somewhat new to the community answers :).

That said, I got it to work using just the registration form in the console itself. Somewhat bummed that you can only have 25 tests though, and if you select multiple location it takes up more than 1 test apparently. You can define multiple transactions within one test, but as far as I found out, you are not able to visualize the seperate transactions within one web test.