Grayed out servers in scom but they are monitored and there are alerts


This week, I have posted a question about grayed out linux servers in scom 1801.

At this moment, we see that all our newly added servers, also windows servers came in a grayed out state, but scom recieve alerts from them. Looking at the logs, we see the communication bewteen the agents and the operation manager, but in the state view they are grayed out.

Is there anyone who knows where to look to solve this problem?


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Always start by checking the Operations Manager event log on both SCOM management servers and the agent computers for clues.

Note: SCOM 1801 is no longer supported, I would highly advise you to start planning an upgrade to either SCOM 2016 or SCOM 2019 (the latter the better).

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Have you got any clue. As I am also seeing this behaviour in scom 2022.

Where bunch of agent is showing greyed out but we are getting alerts as well performance data.

Did you already try to flush the cache on those agents? I need to ask a couple if questions first before pointing you in the right directions:

  • How many management servers do you have in the management group?

  • When you go to the Monitoring pane, under “Operations Manager”, then navigate to “Management Server State”, are there any management servers that are greyed out?

  • Can you please open the Event log on one of the affected agents, filter out Informational events and analyze the rest? Are there any related events, something that might point you in the right direction?

  • How many agents are affected? Are they reporting to the same Management Server?

Many thanks in advance!

8 MS in MG

All Ms are showing as healthy, but when we are installing new gateway then that is also behaving like a agents where we are getting alerts and data but it’s showing as greyed out.

No specific events on the agents.

No,it’s not from specific ms.