Group Enterprise Applications on Dashboard


is it possible to create a dashboard with Enterprise Applications grouped into categories. For example a group with all web applications and a group with all infrastructure applications. It would be enough to filter them by the name of the Enterprise Application but it should be automatic so a new EA gets added to the web application group when I add a new web application EA.

I believe this can be done, by making dynamic groups for your categories, in SCOM. There you can set the criteria for when an object should be added to this or that group.

This answer is just off the top of my head, so I may be wrong…



This is possible without creating groups.

Using the advanced scoping criteria you can select a class and criteria, and use wildcards/regex to populate the dashboard.

See How to use criteria when scoping objects – SquaredUp Support

You’ll likely want enterprise application (base), though the health of this is generated from the availability tests. So if you’re only using the map, you may need to use the enterprise application map class (away from my instance at the moment, so these are not full names of the classes, but using them should show you what you need).

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Thank you very much!

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