Group is gray

Im trying to create a tile which shows status of monitored computers – like an overview. I have created a group in scom which contains computers I need the status of. The group is being monitored from SCOM and I can see status of servers in the groups.

But squaredup only show monitored entitys in a gray box and does not reflect changes on computers:


This is view from SCOM which clearly show state of computers in group:


Isnt squaredup capable of changing color in box when some of computers and not in healthy state?

Groups in SCOM don’t automatically have a health state. In order to have a group show the health state of the components it contains, you have to create a monitor for the group, and have it display the availability state of the groups members.

Here’s the method

This will explain why, and how to fix it :slight_smile:

I have already created a unit monitor which monitors state of servers in the group. But nothing happens in squaredup. Is it nessasary to use MP mentioned in the link above?

The issue was resolved selecting this monitor dependecy: