Groups appearing grey

On my dashboards (in both Squared Up and SCOM) my groups are grey, why?

The groups contain servers, which are all green. I was expecting the group to be green too.

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When you create a group in SCOM it does not by default have a health rollup monitor, so the health state stays in the grey/uninitialized ‘no health information’ state. To show the health of the group members using the group object you will need to add a health rollup monitor.

  1. In SCOM click on the ‘Authoring’ tab
  2. Expand ‘Management Pack Objects’.
  3. Right click on ‘Monitors’, select ‘Create a Monitor’ and then ‘Dependency Roll Up Monitor’.
  4. Give the monitor a suitable name.
  5. The Monitor Target should be your group.
  6. Leave the ‘Parent monitor’ set to ‘Availability’.
  7. Select the same unsealed management pack that your group is in.
  8. Click Next to move on to Monitor Dependency.
  9. Expand Object (Contains Entities), select Entity Health.
  10. Click Next, Next, Create.
After you have created a health rollup you may have to wait a minute or two and then your dashboards should show the health for your group.

Here is a blog that provides a very straightforward walkthrough with screenshots.


I found that even with the health rollup added, occasionally the health state does get out of sync. This article explains how to fix this. Here’s a summary of the steps:

  1. Download the System Center Internal Task Library
  2. Run the ‘Resubmit local cache for state change events’
  3. Your rollup is fixed!
  4. This fixes the issue because it forces a recalculation of the roll-up monitor as well – awesome!
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An other easy way to do it, and a little bit faster if you have many to create is:

1 Click ‘Monitoring’

2 Click Discovered Inventory’

3 Search for the group

4 Click ‘Configure Health roll up’ under tasks on the right hand side


If you have this on lots of groups and want to quickly create health roll-ups I would suggest using the link below to use Tao Yang’s Management pack. It’s really easy to use.

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Does the group contain any servers, what are their health states?

Thanks. Updated question.

Thanks! That’s awesome.

You need to have Tao’s management pack as suggested by MatthewWalsh for this. It might be worth updating your answer to include this. :slight_smile:

Ooops so you do! Now if only we had an edit button…

Great stuff, I sometimes have this issue with Distributed applications, it can sometimes take hours for the health roll up. Hopeful