Help with DHCP Community Dashboard

I tried adding this Community Dashboard to our SquaredUp solution:

This does not seem to work and all KPI’s are greyed out.

Clicking the grey KPI’s leads to an invalid link.

Scope is set to a group containing all DHCP servers.

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Have you ensured that you have the Microsoft Windows Server DHCP 2012 R2 management pack imported?


Has the page scope carried across correctly? i.e. is the dashboard scoped to DHCP servers?

The page scope is “SCOM-DHCP”, a group that contains all DHCP Servers.

If you go to the settings button and go to Diagnostics, does anything appear under “View definition errors”?

This page will display any errors on any of your dashboards.

I have no errors on the Diagnostics page.

Have you confirmed that the monitors / rules that are used by the dashboard are enabled?

Yes, all rules and monitors are enabled as by default.