How do i get open access to display my dashboards?

When i set a dashboard for open access, the tiles dont seem to render. There isnt an error on the page, just no data. From what i can tell, open access is configured properly so i'm not sure what it could be

Which version of Squared Up are you using? (You can see this at the bottom of any Squared Up page). The latest version v3.0.3 has a fix for Open Access dashboards not loading sections I think, so it might be this :slight_smile:

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If you wait for the next refresh for instance, another minute or so, does this then appear? I had the same issue before and it seemed as if I just had to wait for the data to load in because I had larger scopes.

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This is the version in use currently:
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Is there a way to upgrade in place or is it a reinstall?

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Nope, just stays static showing nothing. I’ve had the refresh going for at least half an hour now.

You can download the latest version and run the installer to update your installed instance:

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Cerulean you were correct, the latest version resolves the issue. Thanks a bunch