How do I override monitoring 1 particular IIS Website?

I’m using SCOM 2016 and I’m monitoring a server that has 40 IIS websites monitored within it. One of the websites is stopped and for this reason it is giving warnings on SCOM. Is it possible I can override monitoring this site but continue monitoring the others as this site is supposed to be stopped?

Just find the alert, create an override “For a specific object of class: IIS 8 Web Site” and choose the site.

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I created a group to disable monitoring IIS added an override targeted at that group.Then I add the particular site on the server that I need to exclude as an explicit member. Build the group target the over ride to it. Open the group properties and click on the explicated member tab go to add remove objects search for IIS x Website where x is the version of IIS. Look for the site and add it to the group.

Thank you, alert no longer showing in SCOM or SquaredUp