How do I set up a dashboard showing SQL Server agent service up or down?

I need to set up a Squared Up dashboard with SQL server agent service as one of the tiles. How do I create this dashboard? What category does the metric of services fall under?

I’m not a 100% sure but I don’t think the sql server agent is monitored by default (reporting and server are monitored though) So eithrr you have to create a Windows service monitor for that and present the result on the dashboard. Or find the override for enabling sql agent monitoring.

By default, provided you have correctly configured the SQL run as accounts and relevant parts on the monitored machine, the SQL Agent is monitored.

By default, there is only one monitor enabled:


So all you need to do is add either a status tile with the agent in List scope. Here I’m searching for part of the server name followed by SQL agent:


Which will display like this (you may want to do a custom label):


Or a monitor tile with the agent specified: