How do you all monitor for Exchange Server uptime from an end user perspective?

Basically, I have the Exchange MP installed and it’s giving me a ton of monitors but I need one distributed application where it’s just monitoring whether or not a user could connect via Outlook and send/receive mail. Now, I’m getting an SLA hit on my DA for Exchange Availability because the certificate warning is firing off that the cert needs renewing in a month. Obviously this isn’t a down issue by any means.

I also have a separate MP installed looking at the queue health so was thinking that’d be a good way to monitor it.



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I have thought about that question also long time. I would solve it like this:

Add all critical exchange server services to a DA and combine it with a ping monitor which tries to reach a famous website. If all services are running and internet is reachable mail will also work.

If you find a real end-to-end solution for mail, let me know :slight_smile:

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Which version of Exchange are you monitoring? For Exchange 2013 there is a subset of Customer Touch Points monitors if I’m not mistaken (do not have it where I am right now). Those could be relevant for your end-user scenario.



Hi Jasper. I’m on 2016 CU9. I have the touchpoints but it’s one of those things now where it’s hard to trust. For example, the transport check runs scripts that aren’t specifically defined as monitors and reports back alerts sometimes. So for example, if a certificate expires in 30 days it’ll fire an alert.

I know I’m going to split things out utilizing the touch points for Outlook, OWA, etc as separate DAs. It’s just a bit difficult with multiple servers and in a DAG configuration reporting back when “Outlook connectivity is down”, etc. There are so many different layers.