How do you ignore SSL prompts for internal web sites when using web availability (transaction or not) monitors?

I have a few internal sites that give prompts due to lack of a certificate that I want to still monitor against. However, I keep getting critical errors on the monitors (URL Genie and SCOM web monitors) even though the sites are working. How can I ignore these alerts and still get a successful green health state? Now, I’d prefer to actually have them log into the sites but due to the frustration of even getting these to show green at all I’m dialing back my requirements.



Honestly I haven’t even tried http:// . I’ll try that and see. These do not have certs at all as they aren’t public facing.

ok when I try http:// the same prompt appears. If I click continue…then it goes through to the site. The alert still fails.

That is correct. It does have a redirect. When configured with http://

Request State


Error Code Evaluation


Error Code


DNS Resolution Failure




[-] Transaction Result Details

Transaction State


Transaction Error Code Evaluation


Transaction Response Time (seconds)


Transaction Error Code

Collect Performance Data


Test Timeout


[-] Request Result 1: http://pro-dynamics

Request State


Error Code Evaluation


A quick google of the error code you get gives a result with the same problem I had.

The site requires certificate authentication and SCOM/URLGenie cant handle that as far as I have found out. My solution was to setup a webpage under the site that did not require certauthentication and pointed my test to that webpage instead.

To get a proper result I even included data from the backend SQL to verify that communication to the SQL was ok.


I do not use the Web Application Availability Monitoring or the URL Genie. I am using Web Application Transaction Monitor and once the web application editor dialog box appears each individual transaction can be selected. Under the monitoring tab there is a checkbox for ‘Monitor SSL health on secure sites’ check box. Uncheck this. The click and run test.

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Is the problem that the certificate on the site is a non trusted or does it not have any certificate at all? I dont understand why you would get an error if you just test http:// ?
I have an issue with webmonitors when the site only has certificate authentication. That will generate an error on scom since it cant authenticate.

What prompt do you get?
Sounds like the site has an redirect to https?