How i can show dashboard monitor process state in the SquaredUP

On SCOM, i monitoring Process State and now i want creat dashboard on SquaredUP show process state. What is paremeter on SquaredUP i can get state process i monitoring. Thanks


If you right click on the process state view and look into properties, you’ll see that it is scoped to “Base Monitored Process Class”. You can make a Status tile in SquaredUp and scope it to that class.

Thanks for you answer. I am building a dardboash to display process monitoring, but I cannot show the perfomance of the processes, I can only choose to display CPU or RAM, I don’t know how to display both CPU and RAM that Process is using. use

Hi, In that case, go for the Matrix tile. You can add multiple performance counters in the same dashboard for all your individual processes. Here’s some documentation: