How to add a Community dashboard back in after removal

I messed up the Oracle Linux(NiCE) dasboards pretty badly (in the TEST environment) so removed it. Now when trying to add it back it has created the perspective pages on the Linux server pages but there are no menus below the tab in the menu bar. The dashboard was removed following the instructions on this site and the server has been resarted but no extra pages.

I did try creating them using the json code but that didn’t work either. Are there extra steps to truly remove a dashboard out of the IIS server ??

Looking at the dashboard pack, there are no dashboards contained within, only perspectives targeted towards the database and the instance. This will be why there is nothing under the heading on the navigation bar, as imported packs automatically get added to it.

You can remove the dashboard packs from disk:


However, if you created any edits to the dashboards or perspectives, you’ll need to remove these two, as they will have a derivedFrom tag that relates to the originals.

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