How to configure the heatmap tile ?

Hello everyone,

I’m having a hard tim with the Heatmap tile. Can’t find any documentation about it and can’t get it to work. Configuration example:


By the way, what is “Link Template” ?

It results in a long list of “C:”, no color whatsoever, not a thing. I know that the performance counter is collected by SCOM. What am I doing wrong ? Also, how does the color pattern work ?

I’m lost :(.


P. Augras

I’ve tested this myself and I get the same. Seems like a bug to me. Probably worth dropping [email protected] an email and raising it with them :slight_smile:


Thanks… I find the lack of documentation very, very penalizing.

I agree though, having spoken to the support guys a fair few times since release, they are working to get the documentation up to date. The v2 documentation was very good and they will get their knowledge base up to the same standard soon :slight_smile: Have faith and always remember that the Community can help with most things if the docs aren’t up yet :slight_smile: