How to create a dashboard with perspectives

I’m trying to create a blank dashboard to monitor an application and some webtests. Doing so is not an issue.

However I want to add perspectives to that dashboard, which I cannot. This is so I can get an unified view of the application.

It seems I have to start with a specific object to link the perspectives to. However I don’t have a specific object as the application consists of tons of servers and webtests. I tried creating a blank DA to link the perspectives to, but I end up with default perspectives that don’t do anything in this case (alerts, components, etc), and I don’t know if I can remove them just for that DA and not affect all perspectives.

Any ideas?



I don’t know if I can remove them just for that DA and not affect all perspectives.
Editing/removing the out of the box perspectives will affect all DAs.

Sounds like you might be looking for the Convert to Dashboard button for a perspective, created against the DA. View your perspective > Settings cog > Settings button > add perspective to navigation bar:

This will hide the ribbon from view when viewing it from the navigation bar and will achieve what you’re after :slight_smile: Let me know if you run into any issues.

Hi. I’m not wanting to hide the ribbon. I’m wanting to use the ribbon to have different perspectives, but not be tied to a specific object since I’m covering a lot of areas with this view. Creating a DA to link the perspectives to has a lot of default views which cannot be deleted (alerts, components, etc) - but I want my custom ones to show.

Net result is I want a “Communications” view/dashboard that has perspectives of Skype for Business, Unified Messaging, PBX devices, IM. So creating perspectives and linking to an object doesn’t work, since it’s a lot of areas and objects.

Sort of a tabbed view I guess…

Just for other people reference, in the end I just used a new DA as my object and got mostly to where I wanted to. The DA is really a placeholder to link the perspectives to, nothing more.

In the DA I put in some components that contained the groups that contained servers relating to my Application (ensuring my health rollups were working correctly on the group). I then created the custom perspectives scoped to that DA. This made most of the default perspectives work - except performance (I need to look more at that), rather than not displaying anything from a blank DA.

I then published the Alerts perspective to the Navigation bar.

The downside is my “dashboard” does not have a nice friendly name in the URL, but not a biggie really.

This is probably closest I can get to achieving a dashboard not linked to a particular object that’s part of an existing application.

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It’s all good! It’s not like I need the points :wink: I’ve removed the duplicate below also :slight_smile:

Ah I see. It sounds like you really do need a dashboard with perspectives. That’s an interesting use case, I wonder if it’s worth dropping support a line?

Yeah I’ll give it some thought about writing it up as a suggestion :slight_smile: