How to create Dashboard for Specific Alert Monitor i.e. Health Service Heartbeat Failure

Hi I'd like to create a dashboard that shows all Active Health Service Heartbeat Failures.

I have made a simple dashboard that shows all active alerts in Critical/ error for a particular group “All Windows Computers” but want to be able to show only with Health Service Heartbeat Failure.

Please help I’m a newbie.

Hey Jahirul - Welcome!

Check out this KB for scoping the alerts tile:

Specifically, look at the section “Alert Properties” and the use of “Name” – there are examples further down the page also.

One thing you will find is that scoping alerts is different from scoping objects, and the group you have specified may not contain the correct objects for Health Service Heartbeat failures, as the monitor that generates these alerts targets a different class. Removing the group and using Name in the criteria will achieve the correct results.

You may also find the Monitor tile useful:

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Thank you sooooo much.

Empty Group and Empty Class with the below Criteria worked perfectly. Thanks Jelly!

Name like ‘%heartbeat%’

Happy to help! When starting out with SCOM, I found this doc to be particularly useful in understanding heartbeats: - Hope this helps too!