How to dashboard Azure Firewall resources

I would like to create a tile that shows the health of my Firewall resources in Azure. However when I scope on the Azure plugin it is not a object type I can select. Has this data been imported?

Hey Bob,

It’s likely that they have been imported, but I see that the plugin doesn’t yet have nice pretty name for them. If you click the Advanced button when you’re making your scope, then select Azure from the plugins list, then try searching by name, you’ll see a bunch of other resources in the search results, where we just show the Azure resource type in the Source Type column (see screenshot as an example).

Assuming you find the resources you want, click the “Switch to a fixed scope” link in the bottom left, which will then let you select the exact resource(s) you want from the results.

Hit Next, give the scope a name i.e. “Azure Firewalls”, then save.

You can now build a dashboard using those resources.

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