How to display the URL being targeted by a Synthetic Transaction Monitor (

I have a customer with what I feel is a reasonable request. I have set up a dashboard for them showing the health state of some synthetic transaction monitors I set up in SCOM. In the monitoring pane in SCOM I am able to open the health state object and drill down to see the Request 1 - but I cant find the object to display it in their dashboard. Any of the URLs that are in an error state show the URL but they want to be able to confirm the address on healthy objects as well.


Can you please list the repro steps for this? Are you using the web availability monitor or transaction? Also where are you drilling down to see the monitor? In the health explorer of the watcher nodes?

Since “Request 1 –” is a Aggregate roll-up monitor you cant display it in the Monitor Tile. It only supports Unit monitors as of today.
Please file a feature request if you want this:

Another way is to include the URL in the name of Web Transaction object. This way you could expose the name of the URL in a status/matrix tile.

In the SCOM console on the monitoring tab in the Web Application State view (Synthetic Transactions). Opening health explorer on the monitor I created for the URL.

I created a custom dashboard to view multiple transaction monitors for an internal group. I used the Web Application Perspective class to populate the dashboard. When I click on an object and drill down I would like to make a custom perspective tab that simply contains the text of the URL.

All I need is to display the URL that I am targeting via a transaction monitor. Is there really no way to currently do this?

So you’ll be able to display it if you choose an object of the correct class, the one that the property has been discovered against, due to the way the tile works. What class is the object you are scoping into the tile?