How to import Community Dashboards

Do the community dashboards need to stay as zip files when importing into Squared up Version 3.3

To import the dashboard it needs to be in the ZIP format. Because it is made up of several files that makes the dashboard.

I guess you could unzip them and place all the files in the right place in the file structure but it is much more complicated than importing them as zip-file.

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Importing does require that they stay in the same state as they are downloaded. This is due to the structure of the packs and what Squared Up is looking for in the file being uploaded (they can't just let you upload any old zip ;) ).

If your requirement is to remove dashboards/perspectives from the packs, once imported, you can delete/remove them via Settings (now System in 3.3) > Dashboard Packs. Click on the Community pack you want to remove packs from and click delete, then confirm.