How to include Alert CustomField values in the Default "Alert Perspective"?

Iam wondering if its possible to include the alert CustomField’s values in the Default “Alert Perspective” SquaredUp Perspective Dashboards?

It's not recommended to modify the inbuilt perspectives for things like Alerts, Monitored Entity, Performance etc.This is because they can be changed by Squared Up.

However, if you create your own perspective off of the alert, have it target all alerts in the perspective scope, and create an alert tile with the custom fields, this can then be added to all alerts:

Failing that, another option is to use a SQL tile with a query to pull back the fields.

Option 2 - SQL Query:

You’ll need to open up read permissions on the OpsDB, details here:

Alert in SCOM:


Alert on a new perspective in SQUP:


SELECT [CustomField1]
FROM [OperationsManager].[dbo].[AlertView]
WHERE Id = {{id}}
You can pretty that up if you need to/split out the query to be in two tiles, so as not to overcrowd the line (screenshot taken on portrait monitor).

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OK, How can you connect the perspective to show the customfields for only the alert you have opened/selected and not all the parents and childs alerts?

Huh. Guess this doesn’t quite suit the needs. I’ll knock up a SQL query to use instead.