How to provide own data via REST for the WEB-API tile - A walk through example

Hi friends,


as you know Squared Up’s Web-API tile allows it to integrate information from any web-service that returns JSON data.

With Polaris, a free and open source framework it is possible to build web-services just in PowerShell.

This example explains the steps to create web-service in Polaris which returns locked out user information and how to integrate them nicely in Squared Up.


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Hi Jelly,

the account does not need to have special permissions. I only tried it with Local System, but perhaps also Network Service is possible. - Need to be tried :wink:

That’s awesome! Thanks Ruben! Does the service have to run with an account with enough permissions? Or is Local System high enough?

Awesome! Can’t wait to try this, really great post. Thank you :slight_smile: