How to restrict the dashboards to be viewed by other users

We have published a dashboard and set the permission only to the specific AD group and added as navigation bar for that group. But other users (who are not part of the AD group) also able to see the dashboard when they search using the “Search” option at the top right most. Please suggest on how we can restrict that to be visible on the search results for the users who are not authorized to view the particular dashboard.

The SquaredUp support team will probably reply soon, but as far as I am aware (and have investigated), it is not possible to limit the search option. I have limited the actions that are available via the SCOM users, but everything is visible if they know what they are searching for.

Settings > Profiles is for navigation bar items, it does not restrict which users can see certain dashboards. There was talk at Experts Live Berlin last week, that this would be improved to add a certain level of RBAC to dashboards.

It’s probably worth sending support an email to see if they can shed more light.

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If you restrict the computers/views that the AD-group can see in scom they will end up with a blank dashboard at least.

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