How to uninstall old version of SquaredUp Dashboard

Want to try out the new Version 5 but have an old version v3 on the server.

I want to do a clean install and trial of v5.

Is there a procedure to uninstall or can i just delete the Website and Folders ?


I tried with Microsoft uninstaller and it is asking for a Product Code. Do you guys know what your Product Code is?

Hi SaiyadRa,

We have the following KB article that lists the steps for removing SquaredUp :- which will hopefully answer your question.

HI, i did not find the SquaredUp Uninstaller in my Add and Remove. is it installed as part of the initial install or it can be downloaded separately?

Can i use a third-party uninstaller to remove it?

Hi SaiyadRa, the SquaredUp Uninstaller would normally be registered as part of the install.
Can you check in “C:\Program Files\Squared Up\3x” for a file called unins000.exe. This is the uninstaller, so if it exists, double click to run and it should give you the option to remove SquaredUp & it’s components.

Hi, I tried the unins000.exe and it said it is corrupted. Cannot uninstall. I will try a third party uninstaller and see how it goes.

Hi SaiyadRa,

We don’t have a product code as we don’t use the Microsoft Installer, so you won’t be able to remove it using the Uninstaller Troubleshooter tool.

I would recommend following the steps for ‘Removing selected instances in IIS’ from the article I shared initially :- How to remove SquaredUp – SquaredUp Support

Those steps will remove the SquaredUpv3 application, application pool & the data folder. You can then remove the ‘Squared Up’ folder under ‘C:\Program Files’. The only thing we write to the registry is what would allow SquaredUp to be shown in Add/Remove programs list, but you don’t appear to have this.