How to Update between new Versions/Releases

I downloaded v3.0 a few weeks back for trial. And am still experimenting. Now I see v3.2 is out.
What do I do here, do i just download and install on top of my v3.0 and this will be updated to v3.2 or do i have to uninstall v3.0 and than install v3.2, what happens to all my settings?

Can not find any note on updating between new releases, can anyone help.

Hi SaiyadRA,

Simply install over the top and it will update Squared Up.

The installer that v3 uses will show you any v3 instances you have on the server you’re updating, allowing you to install a second instance with the latest version for testing, prior to updating your main instance.

If you have any further problems, comment back and I’ll help as best I can ?



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Thanks Jelly.
Will try this out and let you know how i go.