How to upgrade from version 3.3.2 to verision 3.4.6?

We have SquaredUp installation version 3.3.2 and we wants to upgrade it to version 3.4.6.

I tried to find the documentation. There is a documentation available for first time install, but I could not locate any documentation for this upgrade. Does anyone know how to perform this upgrade?

Any time an upgrade came out I just downloaded it and ran the install. Now it does get more complicated going from 3.x to 4.x that you need to p[an out as there are major changes. Do you have a test installation set up you could use to test the upgrade on before moving to production. If the install is done on a VM take a snapshot before the upgrade and if there are any issues just revert back to the snapshot.

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Upgrades are straightforward in feature/minor (3.x/3.x.x) releases with Squared Up. Just run the installer and you’ll be done in ~10 mins. Major (3.0/4.0) versions can be more involved, best to speak to support.

Thank you so much! I have performed the upgrade and all went well.
Thanks again!!