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Just started my SCOM 2016 upgrade and doing it side by side to give me a chance to make many improvements. One of the areas I want to improve is the email notification channel. Currently I am using Tao Yang’s powershell notification script which works well but if too many alerts happen at ones or too many people need to be notified it falls apart. What I do like about it are three things 1. it color codes the alerts so people know how critical it is. 2. the Bing it link in the email that helps people find answers to the alert. 3. the ability to CC and have it seen in the email that there was someone CC’d

I have been watching the coffee break series and am revisiting this one

I am looking at using this to over come the not enough resources error that hits he powershell script which this should help with. I still would like the color coding like they show in the video so would I have to do a separate channel for critical, warning and closed alerts or is this somehow smart enough to do that on its own. I think I know the answer but want to make sure I am not missing anything.

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I believe you can run the script multiple times to create extra channels. We use it our self, but the script is updated several times since we used it.

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