HTML5 Web Tile Auto Refresh Issue

Hello guys,

Did any one encounter an issue with the new SquaredUp v4 HTML5 Web Tile? In my case, any HTML5 Web tile is automatically refreshed every 30 seconds or so.

Just wonder if anyone has the same problem and whether you solved it.

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All pages in Squared Up refresh every 60 seconds, which also refreshes any tiles.

I’m not sure there’s a way around this. Is there a reason you don’t want this to happen?

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Hello Jelly and thanks for your reply.

Sometimes the users are taken to URLs where they need to apply some actions like marking a checkbox or providing a feedback in a text box based on the information they see in the dashboard, while they’re doing this the dashboard refreshes itself and cancels all the inputs.

I could not find a way around this, we have the same issue as described here. Not only we have a form field, but also a slow-loading iFrame which loads 20 seconds, hence won’t be much fun using this dashboard.