HYCU MP Download

I am using SCOM 2022 version. I am looking to download HYCU management packs so that I can configure F5 network devices monitoring. As per HYCU website , the latest management packs which are available to download is compatible for up to SCOM 2019 version. I am not able to find HYCU MP for SCOM 2022 version.

Let me know if you have link to download HYCU MP for SCOM 2022 version ?

What are other alternatives if HYCU has not released MP for SCOM 2022 version ? How to monitor F5 network devices with SNMP traps ?

Thank you in advance.

I don’t have SCOM 2022 but to my knowledge, the MP code version schema is the same (or at worse backward compatible) so no reason a running MP in 2019 would stop working because you’re on 2022. Heck, MPs made for 2007 are still working fine in 2019 and there was a schema change.

Most likely it’s a typo on the web page (not a lot of companies are still using SCOM so HYCU has pivoted to other stuff even as they support SCOM for that) so very likely that they just never got around to updating the web page.

I would open a support request with HYCU if you already have the product or a sales ticket if not. Then try on your non prod instances see how goes.