Hyper-V and Skype for Business Dashboard Packs

Is anyone working on or has already completed dashboard packs for Hyper-V and Skype for Business?


If not full packs then do you have any cool perspectives for Hyper-V and Skype for Business to share?

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We've started to work on the Hyper-V dashboard pack with Perspectives as the first focus. Is there a way within the graph performance tile to have a line that indicates the threshold(s) for the counter if defined? Our business team would like to see a marker so when reviewing performance visually it's easy to see where a defined threshold has been breached.

Below is the current Hyper-V Server perspective.

I'm just tinkering with doing a Skype for Business one. Eventually it will be part of a larger "Unified Communications" dashboard and Skype for Business will be a perspective of that.

It’s a work in progress. :slight_smile:

@darrenJoyce - do you think you could help me configure monitoring for our SKYPE environment, looks like you have it working.

can you tell me what metrics were used in your dashboard for the inbound/outbound calls?

Hi Neilhallyburton.

I’m using for the metric is " ls:MediationServer - outbound calls – current"

For scope I’ve got “mediation server component” on on our our SfB front ends.

Hopefully that helps?

I didn’t set up the Skype MP, so I don’t have much knowledge of how to set it up. Our Skype engineer just so happens to be versed in SCOM, so that saved me a job :slight_smile: I just did the dashboards. But I’m happy to try and answer any questions.