I can't find my created monitor in SquaredUp

I have created a custom windows event log monitor that is disabled by default and an override to a specific system. The monitor is working as expected but I’m unable to find it through squared up to add to a dashboard. Again I’m looking really for just this monitor, I can find the system I’ve overwritten it to and the monitor shows there but I can’t find it in a form to use in another dashboard. The URL it presents has monitorID rather than object ID.

Please can anyone help me figure out to get the state of this singular monitor into a dashboard?


What tile are you trying to display this as?

If it’s the Status tile then you need to specify the object that you have enabled it for.

If it’s the monitor tile you’ll need to do the same then filter the view to just your monitor.

If you can show us a screenshot of what your monitor looks like (edit your original question and upload the image there), this should help us :slight_smile: