I want to see total number of CPUs and total amount of RAM in GB for a list of servers

I’m looking at this question here that seemed to have been solved with labeling but that isn’t available in SquaredUp V3.4.6.102


I would move to v4 and use the Matrix tile:


Upgrading article:


Was there any reason you haven’t upgraded already? I’ve worked with a number of customers who didn’t move to v4 at release but didn’t realize they were missing out on some new features. I might be able to shed some light/help you through upgrading if you need it.

I have been trying to get the total memory into the matrix tile but have not succeeded. It seems like the property for total memory is not available at the same object as the values for memory/cpu usage.
I can get properties.logicalProcessors but not properties.Physicalmemory
when I target a windows server.

That property is discovered against the OS, which is a pain.