Icon Status Legend

Hi I am looking for a way to display an icon status legend. So people will know what each icon represents without needing to hover over it. This will be useful for a TV monitor with no access to mouse or keyboard.

Possibly, does anyone have an image with that layout. Or at least all the icons and there description? I am new to SCOM and squared up and don’t know all possible icons.

I was kind of hoping for a script that might pull the info from with in Squared up itself.

I have had the same request from some users and it might be helpful to be able to do this. I played with using an HTML tile to do it. My other comment to some people was if you can not figure out what red, yellow and green mean you probably should not be driving a car.

Yes that would be a good legend to have that said unless you know SCOM you have no clue the difference between a Rule and a Monitor. I have that discussion every few months with one of my team members that tracks physical health he will complain that a power event happened and the alert did not close which is because it is a rule and it should not but he wants it to auto close since it is not happening now.

Have you looked at the youtube end user training for Squared Up it might help with what your looking at. It helps explain the different Icons and the difference under the hood between a rule and a monitor which is also important to understand.

Yea i have and this is why i want the legend on all dashboards so people have an easy place to find and remember what they mean.

Could you use the image tile with a picture of the icons and a description?

Yea but there is a red rule alert and red monitor alert. same for warnings. This would be mainly for learning purposes to help new people understand where the alert is being created from. More automated education saves more time