Image tile labels not shown fully

Hi all,

I am adding objects on image file and I’ve been using custom labeling to remove domain names. That works very well, but when I move icon size slider to minimum, I am not getting the whole name (without the domain), it’s just being truncated for some reason. When I start moving the slider up (to the right), the text starts showing up incrementally. To see whole names I need to move it so much to the right that I get too large icons I can’t use on this dashboard.

Is there a tag that can force expanding text length or something?


What version are of Squared Up are you running? What size is the image file?

My be a limitation\quirk of that version, since it is somewhat dated. I can not reproduce the issue in v4 or >

Squared Up version is

Image size is 1.75 MB with resolution 4961 x 3508

Hi stime, thanks for your replies!

The same thing happens in my lab environment where we have version

Let me explain step by step what happens.

I have an image of our four racks in data-center that I have uploaded in the tile. Next step is scope. I put group of my physical computers, but in lab environment I just put “Windows Server 2012 Computer Group” for simplicity sake.

Next, I put smallest icon size and select circle shape. Already at that step I can see that last part of my domain is missing and being replaced with three dots:


I use custom label name to remove domain name like this:


Domain name is then removed, but then last few letters are missing from computer name:


I can only get them back if I move icon size slider to the right to make them bigger. This however won’t work for me because I need smallest possible icons.

I am planning to upgrade to v4 soon anyway so hopefully that will fix it.

This sounds like the issue we’ve had for some time. Submitted a ticket but support was unable to resolve. We have an Image tile of a map with locations represented by Distributed Applications that use three letter codes. Moving the slider to the smaller sizes cuts off the text. It works fine in our version but no version thereafter. For our new version 4 we’re setting up, we’re converting this dashboard to a Visio diagram in the meantime.