Integration with cloud-based application performance monitoring tools

Similar to the upcoming integration wth OMS, will SquaredUp be able to provide native/near-native integration with other cloud-based Monitoring solutions? Specifically AlertSite from SmartBear or New Relic. The specific use case is to be able to add a plugin in a SquaredUp dashboard that shows both the SCOM/OMS based infrastructure state but also the end user state delivered by these external monitoring solutions.


Someone whistled to me that there is a RestAPI plugin in development. This will easier let us “integrate” with other systems. I assume we will see more to this type of integration in V3, but what do i know…

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In general, external data can be pulled into your dashboards at three levels:

  • UI integration (embed other web content using the Iframe / Web Content plugin)
  • API integration (directly query other data sources, e.g. SQL)
  • SCOM integration (pull the data into SCOM via custom management packs)
Here are a examples of how I have seen customers integrate with New Relic and AlertSite:
  • New Relic works really nicely with the Web Content plugin, with its public embeddable charts. See this NewRelic doc.
  • I have also seen customers pull summary data into SCOM from New Relic APIs using custom management packs that query the New Relic APIs.
  • I know of at least one customer embeddeding AlertSite reports into dashboards using the Web Content plugin. As far as I know, the AlertSite reports can’t be accessed anonymously, so authentication can get in the way.
As far as API-level integration with these tools, Squared Up do plan to provide access to REST APIs but there are no specific release timelines that I can share for this at the moment.

We don’t have any specific plans to integrate with the data sources you’ve mentioned, except for the lightweight integrations we provide currently, namely iframe plugin and SQL plugin, of which the former is likely to be most appropriate. Certainly New Relic provides a nice, easy ‘tear off’ view that can very easily be embedded in a Squared Up iframe and so we would recommend experimenting with that. The same may or may not be the case with AlertSite but it’s not a tool we are familiar with.

Additionally, we have seen some customers pulling New Relic information directly into SCOM itself (and then presenting that data through Squared Up) so, if this tool specifically is of interest, it may be worth throwing a slightly different question out to the community, namely whether anyone has any experience pulling New Relic data into SCOM. This may be via a custom MP (I’m afraid we don’t have visibility of that) but, if so, that may be something someone is prepared to share with the wider community.

Now that I’ll be a great addition to the plugin set, fingers crossed this is something that will drop soon…

Thanks for the quick response. I’ll reach out to he vendor for AlertSite, SmartBear, and put the tear off option in as a feature request. I believe they have an API but it sure at this point how extensive it is. On the second part of pulling in data from these solutions into SCOM through a custom MP and then present this on SquaredUp using the status/alert plugins, that’s a great idea and I hadn’t considered that. Will submit a question on that specific topic.

Thanks RichB, will post a question specifically on the New Relic SCOM integration via a custom MP. Though I like the concept of the tear off as an iFrame the other route of a custom SCOM MP that allows monitors/alerts for this visualized using the SquaredUp performance/alerts/status plugins is pretty cool one if the time/effort to do so isn’t unreasonable.