Is it possible to link a Monitor with a Object?

I have a monitore who is counting how many jobs are currently running on a Software. Now i wanna link this monitor with a object like a disk or something similiar, in Squared Up. My goal is, that when the monitor count more than 100 jobs then should also switch the health status of the object to red, not only the monitor.

Is that possible and when yes, how can i do this?

Thank you.

It sounds like you could use some additional information about some SCOM key concepts.

The following article details Classes and Objects within SCOM:

Below is an article that details rules and monitors in SCOM:

What it sounds like you have is a collection rule, which in turn can be hooked up to a performance-based unit monitor, which will then be able to change the health state of an object and generate an alert when a threshold is breached.

I posted an answer to another question a little while ago that should give you the additional info to create a monitor from the collection rule:

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