Is there a way to monitor specific tasks in Windows Task Scheduler?

We have a few console programs running in windows task scheduler that we want to be able to monitor. I cant find any documentation regarding this, but I could just be searching incorrectly. Does anyone know if monitoring scheduled tasks is possible, and if so, where I can find the docs for it ?

Bob Cornelissen has a management pack for monitoring scheduled tasks: GitHub - BCornelissen/SCOM-WinTaskSchedulerMP: SCOM Management Pack for Windows Task Scheduler

There is also an old one from Progel. It doesn’t support Windows 2016 and above out of the box. I was already using this one and ended up unsealing it, modifying it to work with 2016+, and resealing it. The files are available on but I would probably look to use the one from Bob. Progel Windows Scheduled Tasks MP - Community Management Pack

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