Is there two-way connector between Squaredup and Cherwell (ITSM tool)

We would like to be able update our tickter/alerts in both systems (monitoring and ITSM as well). So, is threre any build-in solution for Cherwell (similar to Service now)

We have SCOM integrated with Cherwell using a custom integration app (which we originally used for HP ServiceCenter). The app is more complicated that it probably needs to be (alert > staging db > cherwell incident API), but I would think that a basic powershell workflow that does the same as jannep described would work pretty well.

We leverage the Cherwell directly into SquaredUp with custom tab on the server perspective that pulls in related incidents, changes and CI info via the API. We also added a link onto the incident form in Cherwell that pulls up the alert in SquaredUp for more details.

We use servicedesk+ and we handle it via our own powershell workflow. It collects alerts sends them to servicedesk via rest, and returns the ticketid to scom. And when the ticket is closed in scom it closes the ticket in servicedesk as well.

Hey dgallay, have you got any tips using Cherwell API in squaredup? I’m trying to do the exact same as you with the server perspective.