last successful sql backup reporting (sql query ops db)


I would like to be able to report daily on last successful sql backup on all servers running sql using sql query on ops db.

The sql management pack has a monitor that monitors if a sql backup is older than x days. So data should be in database. Unfortunately i’m not able to pull it out of the db.

Someone who can point me at the right direction?

I tried looking at the monitor but it does not seem to store any “performance data”. It just stores the result of the evaluation. Good or bad.
The following properties is what I can find on my database.


DatabaseName Log
Collation Finnish_Swedish_CI_AS
RecoveryModel FULL
Updateability READ_ONLY
DatabaseAutogrow True
LogAutogrow True
ObjectStatus System.ConfigItem.ObjectStatusEnum.Active
DisplayName Log
MachineName SQL
InstanceName SQL