Licensing question.

We have a primary and secondary license. When I tried to switch the licenses it failed to register (as in move my primary license to the secondary server and the secondary server license to the primary server).

Do I need to contact Squared Up to make this move or is their a guide available that will show me how to switch them? Any insight would be helpful.


Contact support or sales.

You’re migrating your licenses between servers - Is there any reason for this? As far as Squared Up is concerned, the are the same thing except:

  • The primary should be activated in standalone deployments and as the first node in an HA pair
  • The secondary key gains its features from the primary and should only ever be used when a primary key has been set up
  • Moving the primary and secondary keys between the nodes shouldn't be required
HA allows syncing between the two nodes - It is not a requirement to move the keys between nodes during DR testing or during an outage. However, if the secondary server is the only one active, you will begin to be warned that it cannot communicate with the primary.

If the outage lasts longer than 5 days, your secondary node will revert to a more basic license, with limited features and users, before eventually dropping completely.

We aren’t using a cluster for our site. 2 Windows servers in 2 different sites. I’ll contact support if there isn’t a way to transfer the primary license to the secondary site.